The Hope Rescue Center was opened in 1996 and has helped countless children and teens living on the streets of Bucharest.

The Hope Rescue Center is a multi--functional facility where the needs of street children and families are met daily. They receive food, clothing, first-aid treatment and are able to take showers. The HRC staff also provides encouragement and love.

The needs of the Bucharest children are so great they have been identified and focused on by the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Caucus, whose co-chairman has been supportive of CRN's outreaches. Comprehensive care of these children is critical. Basic shelter, food and education transforms them from the nameless statistic of today to the future leaders of Romania's tomorrow. Without such care, the alternative is death.

Understanding the need for these basic necessities, the Hope Rescue Center was opened and has been in operation for 5+ years. In this small building is a kitchen, a meeting room and a small medical clinic which all serve to literally help keep the street children alive.

Many activities are held throughout the week at the Hope Rescue Center:

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